• What is Flare Studio?

  • Flare Studio is a content creation and talent development platform where brands post briefs for the flare studio community of film-makers, animators and photographers to respond to and successful submissions lead to payment.

  • How does it work?

  • Brands post briefs for content they want to be made. Film-makers, animators, photographers and creative thinkers can sign up to the platform and respond to briefs with the chance to get paid for their work.

    There are three categories for creatives based on their experience, with different types of briefs posted in each category. These are Open Studio, Studio Plus and Studio Pro.

  • What is Open Studio?

  • Open Studio is our entry-level talent tier. It is available to everyone and anyone. Briefs in Open Studio are competition-based and smaller in scope. film-makers, animators and photographers submit finished content and the brand picks their favourites. There are a number of monetary rewards for work, which will be clearly stated in the brief.

  • What is Studio Plus?

  • Studio Plus is available for professional freelancers and smaller crews, from film-makers and photographers to documentary or smaller animation companies. In Studio Plus, brands post briefs which the community pitch their approach or occasionally stories or ideas. Successful pitches result in being awarded the fixed production budget to make the film.

  • What is Studio Pro?

  • Studio Pro is specifically designed for our top level of production companies. Briefs here are bigger in scale and have bigger budgets. The selection process is more refined than Studio Plus. We ask for selected ideas to be developed into treatments, which are paid for. Then one treatment is chosen and awarded the full commission.

  • How can I join?

  • All you have to do is click on our ‘register now’ tab throughout the site and follow the instructions to sign up and start answering live briefs.

  • Do I have to be a qualified professional to join?

  • No. Flare Studio is open to everybody, from the emerging vlogger through to the best production companies in the world. There’s space for everyone to pitch and grow.

  • How do I apply for Studio Plus/Pro?

  • If you have a showreel, or examples of past work, you may be eligible to join Studio Plus, or even Studio Pro.

    The Flare Studio team constantly review new and existing participants and, if they are impressed by your work, or you have been successful in past projects, you may be upgraded.

    When completing your profile, be sure to upload files or paste URLs into the appropriate fields that showcase your skills and portfolio. There is also a field for you to add a bio, so please share any career or CV highlights that you think might be useful.

    If we think you show particular flair, we'll upgrade you and let you know!

    • We're a production company, can we participate in Flare Studio?

    • Yes, you can. In fact, Studio Pro has been designed with production companies in mind. We hope you find the commission process is actually more streamlined.

      When you sign up as a production company, we will contact you to discuss your needs and your talent roster and see how you can get the most out of the platform. Your directors will be able to include their affiliation to you when they sign up.

    • What are the benefits of Flare Studio?

    • Flare Studio gives participants the opportunity to develop their careers, build their showreel/portfolio and, of course, get paid to create content for leading brands.

    • Do I have to pay to join?

    • No, it’s free to sign up. Just follow the steps through registration and start browsing briefs to get started. And if you’ve created work professionally before, upload your reel or provide links to past work and you may be eligible to progress to access bigger, better briefs.

    • How do I get paid for my idea or content?

    • In Open Studio, successful entries are paid within 30 days of notification. Flare Studio will be in touch discuss with you a preferred payment method.

      In Studio Plus and Pro, projects are paid for in a more traditional commissioning manner. If your idea is selected, you will be paid for creating a treatment. Once chosen for production, you will be paid in tranches on selection, first edit and delivery, via means of purchase order and invoice.

    • Is there an age restriction in Flare Studio?

    • To submit work to a Flare Studio project you have to be over 18 years of age.

    • I’m a brand, can I join Flare Studio?

    • Yes, we are designed to work with Omnicom agencies and also direct to brands. If you are interested in talking to us please contact us on contact@flare.studio.

    • What is Omnicom?

    • Omnicom is the leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company, providing services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries. Its creative agency networks, including BBDO, TBWA and DDB, among others, make TV commercials, content and other communications for some of the world's biggest brands.

    • I'm a brand. Can I get help with my production?

    • Yes. Flare Studio has in-house producers, creatives, account management and post production that can assist with the making of your content or TVC

      However, since this is a service, there will be costs attached as there would with any normal production. These costs can be deducted from the commissioned production budget.

      For more information please contact us on contact@flare.studio.

    • What do I need to fulfil a brief?

    • All the specifications, assets and delivery requirements for you to make your film will be specified or downloadable on the brief page.

      This also includes music. We have a special agreement with the music library, Audio Network, for you to use tracks in your film. Details of how to access and download a track will be outlined on the brief page.

    • What can/can't I include in a film?

    • Inclusions or omissions will be outlined in the brief’s specifications and terms & conditions.

      As a general rule, we would advise against including any other branded products (other than that of the brief itself) and any performer, location, prop or music that cannot be granted permission as you will have to provide signed ‘release forms’ with your submission.

      These release forms will be available to download as part of the brief.

    • Can I submit a film I've already made?

    • No. Flare Studio is looking for original content in the execution of an idea.

      However, you can submit an idea that you have previously offered on other platforms, as long as that idea wasn’t commissioned or bought.

    • Who owns my content or idea?

    • Until it is bought or paid for by a brand as a chosen concept or commission, your idea remains yours and Flare Studio operates a fair play policy when it comes to logging your intellectual property.

      Once your idea or film is chosen and paid for it becomes the property of the brand. In Studio Pro it is bought for 36 months across all media except television, whereafter it is subject to renewal. In Open Studio and Studio Plus it is bought in perpetuity for all media excluding cinema, television and digital ‘out of home’.

      Further details of rights, licenses and ownership can be found in our T&Cs.

    • How are winners chosen?

    • Flare Studio along with the brands and agency specialists shortlist all entries and present these to the brand. Following final checks for release forms and further clearances, the brand chooses their favourites and the selected filmmakers are notified via email.

      If you're not selected, a notification will appear on your My Projects page.

    • I have a question about a brief or project, can I talk to someone?

    • Yes, of course. We will soon have interactive Q&A forums per brief on the platform. Until then, you can email us as any of the relevant contact addresses in our ‘Contact Us’ page.

    • What is the Foundation?

    • Flare Studio is more than simply a content generation platform. It actively seeks and develops new talent through its Foundation. With it's agencies' connections to leading film schools, production companies and creative organisations around the world, Flare Studio offers creatives the chance to apply for scholarships, work placements and training schemes offered by our agency network and it's partners.